airfern SEA FERN or AIR FERN has been known by many alternative names, such as NEPTUNUSCYPRESS MOSSSEE MOSS and AQUA FERN. Our product is, in fact, a natural coral (sertularia argenta) and is harvested from the North Sea by our trawlers during some nine months of the year when the quality is at its best. It is then preserved, coloured and made into bunches or sprays. Although it is plant like to the eye, with its delicate fronds, it is actually more closely related to the animal kingdom. Aquafern-on-a-boardSEA FERN is widely used by florists and also for aquarium decoration. Generally, we colour our fern green for the floral industry but for aquarium use we dye the arrangements several different colour’s and weight them so that they stay on the bottom of the tank. Our product is virtually everlasting. Fruits of thSea is currently seeking importers, distributors and wholesalers of florist and aquarium products. We are strictly manufacturers and wholesalers to importers and distributors. We distribute Air Fern all around the world and as far away as the United States of America, Canada and Australia.